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Project Title

Hand in hand with nature in Łapy – adjustment to climate changes

Project description

Why is the project needed?

Project is a response to the detected issues related to climate changes and adaptation to them: fast flow of rainwaters from the areas of Lapy Commune, low resistance to phenomenon of urban “island of heat”, poor state of green areas, low energy efficiency of streetlights, poor ecological awareness of inhabitants of Lapy Commune.

Project is a reply to all detected problems and stems from “Local Development Plan for the City and Commune”.

How will the project address these challenges?

The project covers the below actions in the scope of adopting to climate changes and minimizing their effects:

  • making of rain gardens
  • making of pocket parks
  • introduction of drainage through applying permeable surfaces
  • planting green areas along streets
  • planting green areas on the part of building roof of the Incubator of Entrepreneurship in Lapy
  • improving energy efficiency through modernizing streetlights
  • carrying out education-information campaign.

    What does the project plan to achieve?

    Project effect will be adapting the area of Lapy Commune to climate changes and minimizing effects of these changes. It will improve the awareness of such changes among the residents of Lapy Commune.

    Who is expected to benefit from this project and how will they benefit?

    Target group includes inhabitants of Lapy Commune and visitors of the area. Recipients include representatives of local authorities as well as natural environment – animate and inanimate.

    Project Partners role

    Project Partner – INTBAU Norway will participate in the conference opening the project, an educational conference, evaluation. Partner will share his knowledge and experience about balanced development of urban areas, with regard to climate changes. This will bring added value to the projec, letting the authorities of Lapy Commune to learn about examples of good practises in this matter, being used around the world.

    ENGLISH – Wspólnie z Naturą w Łapach